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Executive summary: heart disease and stroke statistics-2014 update: a report from the American Heart Association (1) A.S. Go; D. Mozaffarian; V.L. Roger; E.J. Benjamin; J.D. Berry; M.J. Blaha
Dose-dependent effects of thyroid hormone on post-ischemic cardiac performance: potential involvement of Akt and ERK signalings (7) I. Mourouzis; P. Mantzouratou; G. Galanopoulos; E. Kostakou; N. Roukounakis; A.D. Kokkinos; D.V. Cokkinos; C. Pantos
Tumor necrosis factor: a putative mediator of the sick euthyroid syndrome in man. (21) T. van der Poll; J.A. Romijn; W.M. Wiersinga; H.P. Sauerwein
RP101 improves the efficacy of chemotherapy in pancreas carcinoma cell lines and pancreatic cancer patients (1) R. Fahrig; D. Quietzsch; J.C. Heinrich; V. Heinemann; S. Boeck; R.M. Schmid; C. Praha; A. Liebert; D. Sonntag; G. Krupitza; M. Hänel
Multisensory spatial interactions: a window onto functional integration in the human brain (1) E. Macaluso; J. Driver
Molecular Basis for Certain Neuroprotective Effects of Thyroid Hormone (12) H.Y. Lin; F.B. Davis; M.K. Luidens; S.A. Mousa; J.H. Cao; M. Zhou; P.J. Davis
The regulation and measurement of plasma volume in heart failure. (14) P.R. Kalra; C. Anagnostopoulos; A.P. Bolger; A.J.S. Coats; S.D. Anker
Sensory Conflict Influence on Functional Reach Performance and Dynamic Standing Balance Aging and Posture Control: Changes in Sensory Organization and Muscular Coordination, Multisensory control of human upright stance, An internal model for sensorimotor integration, Functional Reach: A New Clinical Measure of Balance, Functional Reach: Predictive Validity in a Sample of Elderly Male Veterans, Validity and Reliability of a Pediatric Reach Test, Evaluation of postural stability in children: current theories and assessment tools, Efficacy of the star excursion balance tests in detecting reach deficits in subjects with chronic ankle instability, A Classification of Hand Preference by Association Analysis, Postural Imbalance with Head Extension: Improvement by Training As a Model for Ataxia Therapy, Effect of head extension on equilibrium in normal subjects (3) P. Gatev; K. Kirilova
Translating thyroid hormone effects into clinical practice: the relevance of thyroid hormone receptor α1 in cardiac repair (9) C. Pantos; I. Mourouzis
Neuroprotective actions of thyroid hormones and low-T3 syndrome as a biomarker in acute cerebrovascular disorders (6) A. Bunevicius; G. Iervasi; R. Bunevicius